11 / 03 / 15 - "All Kinds Of Vibrations"

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George 'JoJo' Kooymans became 67 years old today!
George Kooymans
Happy Birthday JoJo!
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Daddy Buy Me A Girl - Zither played by George
Bombay - demo version called Mayday and written by George. Barry wrote new lyrics * The Bombay river do not exist
Slide guitar played by George on a guitar with one string
Seasons - George wrote the song for Earth & Fire * he played the acoustic guitar at the end of the song
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28 / 02 / 15 - "Feel Fine"

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Today former lead-singer Frans Krassenburg celebrate his 71. Birthday! Congratulations!!!
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Did You Know?
Tons Of Time was the only release of Golden Earring in the former GDR (Eastern Germany)

released on Amiga label - V.A. compilation "Rock'n Roll Sensation" licenced by Polydor International Hamburg

front sleeve
the sleeve of the spanish issue of the album "To The Hilt" is totally different then in other countries
the album was released in a single sleeve without an insert - lyrics on the back sleeve
front sleeve
an excerpt of Vanilla Queen (2:53 Min.) was released by AFRTS i(American Forces Radio and Television Service)
the record was a special release for the US Army
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"feel fine"

04 / 02 / 15 - "With Passion"

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Golden Earring - celebrating the 50th anniversary in the music business
Concert Announcement

today former Golden Earring Keyboarder celebrates his 65. Birthday! Congratulations!!!

Robert-Jan Stips
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* Did You Know? *
Baby Dynamite released 1982 on album "Cut" was written by Barry Hay and Robert Jan Stips
Facedancer from the album "To The Hilt" was released in Spain as single B-side
Stand By Me was first recorded during the "Together" sessions in London
on 27 / 07 / 72 the song was new recorded at Phonogram Studios Hilversum * the version was released 1972 as the A-side of a single

Back Home was released in Lebanon and ex-Yugoslavia
Lebanon - A-side of a single (1971) * Yugoslavia - track on V.A. compilatiion "Polydor - Supergroups" (1971)
"With Passion"

25 / 01 / 15 - "Friend Of Mine"

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Golden Earring one of the artists at the 'Vrienden van Amstel' event * nine shows at Ahoy Rotterdam in January 2015
all shows completely sold-out * first show 22 / 01 / 15
When The Lady Smiles
Long Blond Animal feat. Waylon (Vocals), Leendert Haaksma (Guitar) and Horn Section
Going To The Run feat. Leendert Haaksma (Guitar) and Sharon den Adel (voice of Within Temptation)
Radar Love feat. Leendert Haaksma (Guitar), Horn Section and Percussionists (during Drum solo Cesar Zuiderwijk)
Barry Hay performed together with Waylon and Bart van der Weyde The Lau song Blauw (ode to The Lau)
more information coming soon
"Friend Of Mine"

01 / 01 / 15 - "We Wish You A Happy New Year"

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* Hello EARRING Fans! *
Golden Earring are this year celebrating the 50th anniversary in the music business!!!
08 August 1965 - The Golden Earrings recorded 4 tracks (Please Go, Chunk Of Steel, Lonely Everyday and Not To Find)
Golden earrings 1965

at Phonogram Studios Hilversum
06 September - De Marathon The Hague * Jacques Senf introduced to the press: THE GOLDEN EARRINGS
Golden earrings 1965
12 September 1965 - Houtrusthallen 'Teener Pop Show'
In an edition of 2.000 copies the first single of THE GOLDEN EARRINGS Please Go were offered and quickly sold out
front sleeve
25 September 1965 - THE GOLDEN EARRINGS entered the Charts for the first time
Veronica Top 40 Please Go * Pos. 25
Did You Know?
a) The first release of (THE) GOLDEN EARRING(S) in the USA?
b) The first release of a double-album in the Netherlands?
c) The first release of the record company Polydor USA?
front sleeve
a) 1966 - General American Recordings 822 only for radio stations
b) Golden Earrings "On The Double" - released April 1969
c) Single Golden Earrings 'It's Altight, But I Admit... / Song Of A Devil's Servant' - released in May 1969
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"Golden Earring Forever"

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front sleeve

front sleeve (colour)

1977 album "Contraband" Polydor France





Hard To Find

front sleeve

1984 Golden Earring "N.E.W.S." Carrere France

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